Monica Starkman


"The End of Miracles is a compelling, empathic novel about a woman whose desperate wish for a child vividly evokes the pain and longing associated with infertility and builds to a climax worthy of a thriller."
—Letty Cottin Pogrebin, a co-founding editor of Ms. Magazine
   and author of Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate  

 “Interesting, realistic, exciting, moving. I strongly recommend it.”

—Harriette Simpson Arnow, author of The Dollmaker, and finalist for Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award

A powerful and emotionally gripping novel by one of the great psychosomatic medicine psychiatrists of our time. Highly recommended for all those fascinated by psychiatric illness, treatment, and the impact relationships can have on healing.”
—Michelle Riba, M.D., M.S., Past President of American Psychiatric Association

“Monica Starkman’s The End of Miracles is as cinematic as it is suspenseful."
—Rochel Urist, award-winning playwright